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Concrete Driveways Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia is one of the world’s greatest cities, and has been called the world most livable city. The lay out of the downtown area is like something from a novel, with its high rises of intricate shapes and sizes, its low hanging bridges along the river that winds through the inner city giving way to spectacular scenery. Concrete Driveways Melbourne specialise in driveways that suit Melbourne’s unique real estate fashion.

The driveway to any home is the introduction to the occupant personality, the first impression of the occupant’s character, the small road that leads to the bigger picture, which is the home itself. In Melbourne Australia driveways can be just as original and distinguished as the home itself. The construction of the homes is solid, and the driveways are built to complement and enhance each structure. The look and feel of the driveway can be decided upon before purchasing by choosing the style, color, and texture on the web. The weather can be a determining factor in which driveway you choose for your home. In Melbourne it is guaranteed to rain, so choosing a slip proof surface is suggested, and although snowfall is rare, a winter in Melbourne is mainly all about fog and frost.

The personal homes of Australians living in Melbourne are no exception from the uniqueness of the whole city, right down to the welcome mat that is used to enter one’s home, the driveway. The suburbs of Melbourne are awesome little communities that have lots of tree lined streets giving way to scenes that reflect scenic parts of lots of movies on the big screen. The drive ways to these homes can be just as inviting as the picturesque surroundings of the neighborhood. Driveway installers take great care in the installation of the driveway and satisfying their customers with quality work that will last a lifetime.

Driveway construction is serious business and the designs can be intricate, simple, or magnificent depending on the customer’s request. Driveways in Melbourne reflect the personality of the people they serve. Most driveways are made of concrete due to its durability. Concrete driveways are not demanding of maintenance at all and are safe for the weather and the family. The look and construction of the driveway improves the property value of the home. The construction of the driveways is impeccable, with no gaps, great attention to detail, and a truly polished look. The driveways can be made to compliment the structure of the home, the brick designs, and even the style.

Here are a few types of wonderful drive ways available in Melbourne:

he Plain concrete Driveway: Although it is the least inexpensive it still adds a touch of simplicity and appeal to any home. It can be smooth or can come in non slip surface . It can be enhanced at any time by adding  extra pave cuts, color or sealer . It is hard wearing and has a non-slip surface. 

Colored Concrete: a colored concrete driveway can be smooth or can have a non slip surface ; it can be colored with at least thirty different colors to date. Ranging from slate green, burnt red, marigold, yellow, peach, terracotta, sandstone, salmon, brick red, almond, blue gum, burgundy, caramel, blue-stone, khaki, dark coral, and chocolate brown to black or off white. Colored concrete driveways maintain their color if sealed . The surface makes for easy cleaning and the color adds to the look of the landscaping. 

 There are different ways of providing colour to concrete. One easy cheaper  alternative is to merely add colour oxide to the top layer of the plain concrete whilst it is drying, the other is to paint the concrete once it is dry. This will not provide a long lasting colour finish, the colour can wear off easily leaving  patches of plain concrete showing. When this happens it is difficult to repair 

Concrete Driveways Melbourne do not offer this cheaper method. 

Our Coloured Concrete has  a colour oxide mixed right through the concrete This creates a permanent colour for the life of the paving. It can be finished with a “Stipple” creating a slightly textured finish , this gives the non slip surface . A smooth or polished concrete finish is not always suitable for  outdoor areas  as it can create a slightly slippery hazardous surface.

Charcoal  remains the most popular colour for Concrete Driveways Melbourne at the present time . 

Pave cuts can be installed to give the look of large format pavers , 500x500mm  and 500 mm x 1m are the most popular request in this look for Concrete Driveways Melbourne 

All concrete paving must be treated with construction joins or cuts to minimise cracking. Spacing of these joins/cuts can vary from job to job depending on shape / dimensions .

Sealing of any paved area is highly beneficial to minimise fading, staining and cracking. 

Exposed aggregate is yet another type of driveway to be considered, it has a natural stone finished look that stands out. It comes in a variety of pebble mixes to choose from that will surely be the focal point of any landscape. The pebbles are smooth, and flat after the driveway is completely installed, but still have the three dimensional look. 

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is our most popular and fashionable decorative finish for Concrete Driveways Melbourne . 

The finish is not smooth, rather the aggregate (stone/pebbles) are exposed which makes it slightly rough and gravelly. However the aggregate is quite fine making it comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Apart from its obvious visual appeal , It is very effective in areas where a non slip surface is needed or preferred 

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is  grey  or white cement mixture with a select type of customised small stones or pebbles  and can have a colour oxide mixed through , always mixed through at the concrete plant.( never on site) 

It is finished with a high pressure wash exposing the aggregate materials (stones/pebbles) on the surface.


All concrete paving must be treated with construction joins/cuts to minimise cracking where /if needed 

Spacing of these joins/cuts will be site and design specific.

All exposed aggregate paving should be sealed to not only make it easier to clean , but to give it that sparkle which makes it so appealing to the eye. 

Choose from several varieties below:

  • Amalfi GC
  • o​Bellarine OW
  • o​Blackland
  • o​Burns OW
  • o​Highland GC
  • o​Gippsland OW
  • o​Lansell OW
  • o​Golden Beach GC
  • o​Penlyst GC
  • o​Sorrento GC
  • o​St. Margaret’s


And there are also many more.

There is also faux Brick and slate impression still available which have become less popular in the last decade.

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